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I mentioned before that I'd like a Quicklook window output action. At the moment I get around this by invoking one via a terminal command (qlmanage), but it's less than elegant ;) Then, I read here in the forums that someone simply wanted to display some static text in large type, and it triggered my original idea...


My current feature request is to duplicate the Large Type output functionality as one that would accept input and display it using options for font and size, the display of which would then clear with a mouse click or keypress, as Large Type does.


Sometimes, I simply want to see some information presented nicely without having to launch an app that displays it.


Second request: some sort of debug window that could be enabled to show script errors...


As always, thank you for your consideration :) Alfred is an amazing product!

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You should make these as separate requests.
Having said that, your quicklook and large type requests are somewhat taken care of, already. When having a file selected via Alfred, press either ⇧ or ⌘+Y, to see it via quicklook. To have any text displayed via large type, simply type what you want in Alfred’s window and press ⌘+L (granted, no type and size picks, but that’s not the goal of large type, and there’s a discussion on it).

Regarding your last request, what is your intended goal, workflow debugging? There’s a feature request for that.

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