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another vote for debugging support of some kind

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I have a workflow that isn't working. I can add output nodes into the flow to see output. True. But in my case, that's not doing anything. My current workflow yields no output, and there is nothing in console.app.


Personally, if we could just set a pref (even on command using defaults; or a checkbox in UI) to just send debugging info to console.app, that would be more that glorious. I don't want or need anything fancy.


Anyway, I read in the forums here that the notion has been discussed. Just voicing my support for it.



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This, along with my preference for doing all my editing in Sublime, is largely why I prefer to call the interpreter myself on a separate file in the workflow directory rather than paste the whole thing into Alfred. If you do that, you can then debug the script by adding "2>&1 | tee output.log" to the command. (A trick I picked up from Clinton Strong here.)

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