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Last Downloads - easy access to your last three downloads!

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Last Downloads makes it easy to get a list of the last 3 downloaded files on your Mac. You can open the selected file in the default application for that kind of files by pressing enter. By pressing Command+Enter you'll reveal the file in Finder instead, and Shift+Enter will move the file to the trash.


Activate with the following keyword:  lastfile


  1. Enter the keyword in Alfred (lastfile)
  2. Select the file you'd like to use
  3. Press Enter to open the file, Command+Enter to reveal the file in Finder, or Shift+Enter to move the file to the trash.


Download Last Downloads

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One nice and useful workflow. Especially the "move to trash" shortcut.


Why didn't you just use this workflow: https://github.com/ddjfreedom/recent-downloads-alfred-v2 ?


I think I will you both of them  ;)


Oh, I didn't even know about the other workflow in the first place!  


I could've searched for it before making the workflow, but I made this workflow primarily for my self (before even thinking about posting it here), and posted it just in case it's useful for others too :)

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New update:

This workflow is now merged with the iDelete workflow, which means:

It's now possible to delete all items in your Downloads folder by using the following keyword in Alfred: dd

If you'd like to keep some of the files/folders when using this command - color tag them in Finder before using it. They won't be deleted then.

Download Last Downloads 1.01

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