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  1. Keywords: Open each of the three different Library folders by keywords: library system (open a Finder window @ /System/Library/) library hd (open a Finder window @ /Macintosh HD/Library/) library user (open a Finder window @ ~/Library/) library visible (make library folders visible in Finder) library hidden (hide library folders in Finder) appsup hd (open a Finder window @ ( /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/) appsup user (open a Finder window @ ~/Library/Application Support/) If you would like to use keyboard shortcuts to open the folders - just setup the shortcuts you would like to use in the Alfred preferences. Each shortcut has a keyword in the bottom (hd, system and user) - use these to identify what each of the shortcuts does. Another useful feature of this workflow is the plist search - I hate how much time I have to spend finding a single plist file on my Mac, but with this workflow I can do this in a few seconds. You can do the same by typing the following in Alfred: plist YOUR_SEARCH Download Open Library Folders
  2. Thank you @Verofor a warm welcoming back to the best OS and the best productivity app of that OS. I'll change my extensions and this post when I got the time, probably later this evening. Thanks for the tip
  3. After a few years away from MacOS, I finally bought myself a Mac once again. And the first application I installed was of course Alfred. Then I found a couple of extensions I made years ago for Alfred 1 and 2. This one is useful enough to share with you in my opinion. The extension let you set up two different keyboard shortcuts - one for closing every background window in the front application, and another one for quiting every application (in the dock) except the front application. Download
  4. Update for Mac OS X Yosemite Download AccountChanger - Yosemite Changes: - Compatible with Yosemite
  5. MacGeeky

    AirPlay Mirroring On/Off

    Finally! Thanks for the help getting there!
  6. If you are on Yosemite - use this extension file instead of Alfred extension file from accountchanger.dmg.
  7. MacGeeky

    AirPlay Mirroring On/Off

    @Jason588 or anyone else - could you please test this version for me? http://cl.ly/YJES I finally replicated the bug on my Mac after a clean install of Yosemite, and removed it. It should be gone on any Mac running Yosemite, but I have to get it confirmed from other users before I post this version as an "official" update You were absolutely right, thanks!
  8. MacGeeky

    AirPlay Mirroring On/Off

    New update: Implemented @maskedjellybean´s bug-fix for ´msng´ in device list... A big thank you to maskedjellybean! Download AirPlay Mirroring On/Off v1.15 If you´re experiencing problems with this extension after the upgrade to Yosemite - please give me som info about it. As soon as I get a little information I´ll get on with the bug fix.
  9. MacGeeky

    AirPlay Mirroring On/Off

    It´s actually working fine on my Mac with Yosemite, but had to implement the code from @maskedjellybean to get rid of the msng-error. What happens when you use the extension? Nothing at all, or does it just stop somewhere in the process? And last - is Alfred added in the list here: System Preferences => Accessibility and Security => Privacy (tab) => Accessability? If not, please add Alfred and see if that makes any difference. That´s probably the one and only reason people are having problems with this extension on Yosemite!
  10. I haven't updated the extension for 10.9 yet, but I'm (only) assuming it's related to the change in security and Accessability Preferences - you have to manually accept each application that uses GUI scripting (this extension does) in Preferences => Accessability. Here's Apples support page for this solution: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT6026
  11. MacGeeky

    Google+ Workflow

    Seems like I have to update a few of my Alfred extensions after the 10.9 Mavericks update, this one included. I'll post it as soon as it's working again.
  12. MacGeeky

    AirPlay Mirroring On/Off

    Thanks for the update 'maskedjellybean' Haven't checked my notifications in this forum for while, didn't know about the bug/problem - thanks again!
  13. MacGeeky

    Search and Share on Google+

    Hi, I hope it's OK that I used this workflow to make a new version that grabs the URL from the browser by itself http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3022-google-workflow/
  14. MacGeeky

    Google+ Workflow

    This is a workflow based on the "Search and Share on Google+" workflow by the user Chris on this forum. The only flaw in this workflow is that it doesn't grab the URL from the browser automaticly, with this update/workflow it will. To share a URL to Google+ with this workflow, you do the following: Use the keyword 'gplus' and select 'Share a link on Google+' (or setup a keyboard shortcut) to activate the sharing of the URL from the frontmost tab in your browser. If you'd like to add a comment - write it after a space between the gplus keyword and the comment you would like to write. Supported Browsers: Google Chrome Safari Firefox Opera Creds go to Chris for this one! Download the workflow here