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New Workflow: Alfred Bible

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I am always trying to cut and paste bible references into my notes. But, there is almost always extra formatting carried over or it did not come out in the format that I wanted. So, I created the workflow to make it easier for me.


This workflow will request Bible passages from the "Ephesians 4:14" website:  http://www.4-14.org.uk/xml-bible-web-service-api.


Access to this API is currently free. This workflow will request the given verse from Alfred edit line or from the current OS X selection, request the verse(s), and return it in the clipboard and a notification. You can then paste it where ever you want. You can always change the "Copy to Clipboard" box to also paste into current application.


It currently allows switching between the King James Bible and the Thai King James Bible (the only ones I use.). It is working great with Thai currently, except for the name of the book is still in English. I will be working on that one.


I will be adding more functionality to this workflow in the future and eventually have a full Bible study app running and controlled in Alfred.


version: 1.3     Aug 17, 2013

Download: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/AlfredBible.alfredworkflow

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Hi, That would depend on the application. If the application has a way for external programs to access it's information (AppleScript library or URI lookup hooks), then it would be easy to integrate it with Alfred. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible since copy righted texts are usually encrypted to prevent this.

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