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Toggle Type2Phone & Bluetooth

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Hey everybody,


love to see all those workflows emerge and being able to use them.

Now it's time to share my own very first workflow :)


This workflow toggles Type2Phone and Bluetooth


By typing ‘tnb‘ within Alfred an Applescript is started to either

turn bluetooth on and launch Type2Phone or

quit Type2Phone and switch bluetooth off

depending if Bluetooth is active right now or not.




Download the Workflow


This Workflow requires:

#1 the Software Type2Phone, which lets you use your Macs Keyboard to type on your iPhone (App Store Link).

#2 blueutil. It's a commandline-tool to turn Bluetooth on and off.

I tested it under OS X 10.8.4.



I noticed the workflow doesn't bring Typ2Phone to the foreground. Additionally Type2phone does not start up reliably. Any tips?

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