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todo.txt Workflow

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Hello all, I have created a workflow for Todo.txt (which you can check out here: http://todotxt.com


You can find all the information here https://github.com/benignoc/alfred-todotxt


Please let me know if there are any issues improvements etc, and I'll do my best to keep it all updated.


In this workflow, you are able to list, and fuzzy search on all items, being shown as items in Alfred. Selecting an existing one, allows you to "DO" them. All other commands are directly parsed to todo.sh with -f flag (to autoconfirm).


To make it work, you will need to set up a couple of paths directly on Alfred. The documentation is here https://github.com/benignoc/alfred-todotxt But ask away if you have any troubles.



Updated to Add Deletion of Todos when pressing CTRL upon a task.



Please let me know if its good for you.


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Sorry for the delay on the reply, I have been out of internet for a long time.


I ussually just do like I do on the terminal:


t del #


where # is the number of the todo that you need to delete, and as you know all numbers appear next to each task on the list.


I thought it really didnt add that much to add the extra flow when it was already there by default.


Do you really think its worth it ?



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Thanks for that!


I actually think it would! I normally search for my tasks by typing 't bu' for 'buy milk' for e.g., so it would be handy if I could press return to complete it or ctrl-return to delete it.


I assume it would also work well with people who have pretty long lists, so you wouldn't have to scroll to figure out the number.



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Thank you so much for the workflow. 
I've discovered todo.txt because of it. 


There is a little bug - when type cyrillyc - workflow doesnt understand me


If I write task in english - everything works well:



but if type something like "t выпить"


it doesn't handle this:



Is it possible to fix it? 

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Hello 40-02,


    Sorry for the late reply, I have been working on this for quite some time, and so far I haven't been able to fix it, perhaps someone can help us there. I'll update as soon as I can find out how to fix it though.




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