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Clear buffer shortcut [Resolved]


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Now that the Buffer keeps items, it would be nice to be able to get rid of all the items at once. Maybe a feature beyond v 2.0 as this is not too annoying. Maybe something like ⇧⌥← (I see how this causes problems with the Compatibility settings though.)

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I would like to bring this up again in order not to open a new thread. After using Alfred extensively, I came across the buffer function and I think this is awesome. I was actually looking for something like a PDF-Reading list, just like a reading list you have in Safari or other applications. I can perfectly use the buffer function for that. 


However, I use Alt + Backspace quit regularly to clear text and so far have accidentally cleared my buffer list from Alfred. Of course it is my mistake, but I was wondering if there might be the chance in the future to be able to change the shortcuts or implement a function like "stick there forever until an action is taken". By that I could avoid to accidentally erase the files I put in the buffer. 


Hope this became clear, happy to clarify it more precisely. 


Edit: Just had a look again and switched on the Compability option, which works fine with the option of Alt+ up arrow but still does not avoid me from deleting all items in the buffer through ALT + Backspace. 



Btw: If anyone has an idea for an application for a PDF reading list or has an workflow for Alfred, please let me know. Thanks! 

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