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  1. That would be great. After Leo.org is no longer working this is urgently needed.
  2. I also have the problem after I upgraded to High Sierra. This is unfortunate at Leo also doesn't work anymore. No good dictionary makes work difficult. [ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 11: Exited with error code but no message
  3. Is also not working for me despite having the app running. Otherwise looks like a great workflow.
  4. I can only second this. This would be an extremely helpful function.
  5. It is a bit weird, but it does not work for me anymore. Debug does not give me any results. Any ideas?
  6. Would be very much interest to get a copy to send individual users messages. That would be a key feature for me. Thanks!
  7. Here we go, deerawan. I hope this illustrates the problem I have better. I also want to stretch the result fields to the whole horizontal width. https://pl.vc/1248xp Sorry, not sure to insert a picture directly in the post. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  8. They look nice, but I am too stupid to adjust the horizontal width. I can adjust the window horizontally, but can get the results to adjust accordingly. Andy advise? Thanks
  9. I have the same problem as edbro, although I inserted the name of the account where I want the notes to be saved in the workflow as described in the first post. However, the notes will always be saved in a different account. If it is possible to get this working, it would be a brilliant workflow and much of use I suppose.
  10. Thanks for getting back on this. I actually did this, importing the snippets again and unchecked the box. Cheers!
  11. Thanks for the hint. The emoji package is awesome. Great!
  12. Dear all, I downloaded a long list of words where typos often happened from a user here. Yet, if I import them the autexpand option is not automatically selected. This is a list of over hundreds of words, which I would need to select individual for every word. On top, Alfred always jumps to the top of the list once I clicked the box. This is annoying. Any suggestions? Thanks Screenshot: http://imgur.com/4NSJp6n
  13. Thanks for the feedback. That is pretty strange as I am also an the latest versions of both. Here is the info from the debug mode (sorry, im German. It basically says: "end of line expected, but found „"“) [2016-05-31 13:54:14][ERROR: action.script] 1139:1140: syntax error: Zeilenende erwartet, aber „"“ gefunden. (-2741) thanks
  14. Thanks Vitor! Haven't seen the updated version on Packal. It is working now. Had to replace another workflow, though I found it more convenient that a new window popped up to rename a document. However, this looks good! thanks for the effort.
  15. It seems to stop working for me. This is certainly one of the most important workflows for me. If there is an update this would be highly appreciated. Cheers
  16. Hi, would be good to finally have such a feature build into Alfred. Unfortunately, the workflows stopped working for me since the upgrade to v3, though I consider this a a key feature to Alfred. Since it has been requested in the past, would be great to see this being add to Alfred in the near future. In the meantime, anyone has a suggestion for a working workflow? Cheers
  17. Just came across this workflow. Haven't had the chance yet to test it, but it looks exactly like what I have been looking for. Many thanks for this, awesome! Edit: I tried it but unfortunately couldn't get it working. I could enable the drive, though was not permitted to write on the USB stick. The same issue with the installer, it didn't even ask me for the password or anything once I plugged in the USB drive formatted in NTFS.
  18. Perfect! The pasting works fine. Thanks! I understand! Just checked it once you scan the document. You are absolutely right. Cheers!
  19. Thanks kseggleton! Just for future additions: It would be great to not just copy the citation but also be able to automatically insert the citation into a other program (like Word or Scrivener). Not sure whether this is actually possible, though if you are planning to play around with your workflow in the future, this is certainly something with would be a great addition. Cheers! Edit: Sorry, it is me again :-) I discovered a different problem. If I have an entry in Bookends that includes more than just one author the citation is only outputted with one author listed and not two or more of them. Maybe you can check on this.
  20. I actually haven't tried it with the special characters. I have over 1000 entries in my bookends database, including my own publications. Having a rather simple surname it still doesn't work with any of the entries. I would very much appreciate if you could have a second look when you have spare time. thanks a lot for your effort. Edit: I found the problem. The workflow is very strict on upper and lower cases. Thus, if I use a capital letter for the authors it worked. Maybe you could modify the script in a way that upper and lower case do not have any influence on the script. Cheers
  21. Hi, I tried it again, here is my debug list. I deleted the whole number of entries, but there seems to be an error at the beginning. I have no idea what the problem is, maybe some issue with my bookends database?! I only have one or at least I have one opened in bookends. I won't get any results if I type a correct author's name. Sometimes, if I type two letters I get an output. I really hope this problem can be solved. Very much appreciate your effort. Thanks P.S. Just looking at it again, it is strange as the author seems to be the "title" here, whereas the original title is the "subtitle". This is really strange given that the entries in bookends are made in the correct fields. P.P.S. It seems that shortly after I typed in an authors name that a list pops up for less than a second, but disappears immediately and only the query is shown without any results. Starting debug for 'Bookends Search' [2016-05-10 08:41:04][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] XML Parse Error 'The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 68.)'. Row (null), Col (null): 'xmlParseEntityRef: no name' in XML: <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item uid="388" arg="388" valid="yes"> <title>Ukeje 2008</title> <subtitle>Globalization and Conflict Management: Reflections on the Security Challenges Facing West Africa</subtitle> <icon>file.png</icon> </item> <item uid="54972" arg="54972" valid="yes"> <title>Vreÿ 2013</title> <subtitle>Turning the Tide: Revisiting African Maritime Security</subtitle> <icon>file.png</icon> </item> [2016-05-10 08:41:04][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] XML Parse Error 'The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5.)'. Row (null), Col (null): 'Extra content at the end of the document' in XML: <?xml version="1.0"?> <items>
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