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[ALPHA] JIRA/GreenHopper Workflow

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I've started on a JIRA workflow for Alfred that uses the JIRA API and GreenHopper API through jira-python. This is really, really new and has basically no testing so any feedback is appreciated.


Improvements to the instructions are greatly appreciated. If anyone has a public JIRA install they can use to create screenshots, it would also be greatly appreciated.




Pre-built workflows can be downloaded from GitHub. The source is also available for those looking to extend/modify it.




There are none! The workflow bundles all of its dependencies when it's built.

Currently implemented keywords

  • jira open - Open JIRA in your browser.
  • jira search [query] - Search JIRA for tickets matching [query].
  • jira my [query] - Search your own tickets matching [query].
  • jira boards [query] - Search GreenHopper boards for [query].
  • jira set domain [domain] - Set the domain for JIRA (ex: https://my-company.atlassian.net)
  • jira set consumer [key] - Set the consumer key, created when configuring Alfred on JIRA.
  • jira step 1 - Step one of the 3-legged authentication with JIRA.
  • jira step 2 - Step two of the 3-legged authentication with JIRA.
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