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I found a few Remember the Milk plugins but had very little luck with them because they either did not work, or they did not provide any feedback when a task was added.


All I want from a RTM plugin is to quickly add an RTM task by press alt-Space, typing 'rtm my task text here'.  This plugin delivers that - an extremely quick way to add a task when you want to with minimal key strokes.



  • You must have Ruby installed (this is installed by default with OS X), but you can also use rbenv or rvm
  • You must install the rumember gem and authenticate with RTM:
    Step 1 install gem:  `gem install rumember`
    Step 2 authenticate with rtm: `ru`

Note: This workflow supports system installed Ruby, RVM installed ruby or RbEnv installed ruby.  However, please make sure that whichever Ruby you are running has the gem `ru` installed and authenticated.


Download the plugin

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This is great and it works as I expected. However, do you have a method of having the tasks default to a list other than the Inbox? I use a "Tasks" list for my general tasks and it would be great to get them to go there automatically.

EDIT: I realized soon after I posted that I could modify the script and add "#Tasks" to add it to the string passed to ruby, so, in the script, instead of:

ru "{query}"

I have

ru "{query} #Tasks"
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Unfortunately the workflow is not working for me - I get the "FAILED to add task" error.


I can add tasks via "ru mytask", so rumember appears to be working fine.


Can I somehow identify what exactly it is that is going wrong? This is on MacOS 10.11.3 with ruby 2.0.0p645.




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This is a great workflow, I've been using it for a couple of years.


On my new laptop, rumember ended up in ~/.rbenv/shims. So I made a new workflow to account for that as well as a few other changes.


More details in the README here: https://github.com/devnall/alfred-rtm-workflow

Direct download link: https://github.com/devnall/alfred-rtm-workflow/blob/master/rtm.alfredworkflow?raw=true

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Thanks for great workflow!


Let me add one know-how I found. 


In the "devnall"'s workflow, I usually fail to use the workflow because the

ru "{query}"


is not working (Although in my terminal it works well)


So I edit that commend with following steps



0. After following upper step1 and step2 of  mattheworiordan


1. In terminal,  test the commend "ru "{query}"" works well


$ ru my working 


and check the application of "Remember the milk" include the "my working" in the list



2. type the following commend


$ which ru


in my case

~ $ which ru

3. change the    

ru in  ru "{query}" in Run script with "/usr/local/bin/ru"
ru "{query}"
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
  echo "FAILED to add task!! Check rumember is installed and authenticated"
  echo "{query}"
/usr/local/bin/ru "{query}"
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
  echo "FAILED to add task!! Check rumember is installed and authenticated"
  echo "{query}"
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