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ScratchPad Workflow

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Sometimes you just need a place to edit some text quickly. Or, simply write a short note to store in the clipboard history (it actually works better than you think). That is where this workflow comes in handy.


After you set a hotkey, you can select text and edit it on the Alfred command line. When you press enter, it will be placed into the clipboard. If you press <cmd> and enter, it will place it into the clipboard and the top most application. If you press <cmd> and enter, the text will be appended to the end of a selected text file.


If you invoke the keyword “sp:” or if you press the hotkey without a selection, it will offer to put the clipboard as the text to edit. Press enter on the “clipboard” option and the contents of the clipboard will be copied to the Alfred command line for editing.


Selecting a file in Alfred Browser, right arrow, and selecting "Set Note File" will save that file name to be used to append notes to the end of it.



Version:  1.1

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