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  1. +1 for this, if anyone knows how to do it?
  2. Is there any way to import over my TextExpander snippets into Alfred v3? I found this, but Github is a bit beyond me, no idea how to get started.
  3. Not working for me either unfortunately.
  4. This is great, thanks! Is there a way to append the text to a .txt file as a quick way of saving notes?
  5. This is perfect, thanks! Will have a play around.
  6. I was playing around with Launchbar, and it has a nice feature where you can hold down it's shortcut to capture selected text to pass through to actions. Is there a similar workflow for Alfred?
  7. Seems to be the opposite - by adding +44 it sends as iMessage, without it, it sends as SMS. Also, I've just noticed that if Messages.app is not open, it will now not even pick up my contacts - just hangs on 'searching'. Could the latest OS X security update have affected things? That's pretty much all I can think that has changed
  8. Ah OK. Ideally I want it to default to trying iMessage first (as most people I know use it), but revert to SMS if not. I just sent another test message to my wife, and it sent as SMS, not iMessage, even though anything I send via Messages.app sends as iMessage.
  9. +44 is the country code for the UK (and it replaces the first 0 in the phone number). Any thoughts on messages not sending as iMessage?
  10. Got it, thanks! I was nowhere near by the looks of it! Will have a play - good to learn a bit even if it doesn't work I like Layouts, has replaced Moom for me.
  11. No luck unfortunately (unless I'm doing it wrong, which is pretty likely) - I created a new workflow with a keyword linking to Run NSAppleScript, where I copy/pasted the above? Is that right? Figured I'd try and get it working before messing around with it
  12. I recently read a post by Shawn Blanc about using Keyboard Maestro to resize a specific window in an app (OmniFocus). I don't use KM (no use for it), but was wondering if there was any way to replicate this workflow in Alfred? There's a screen grab of the KM workflow is here. I already have the Layouts workflow by JGAui, so I'm guessing there is some way to do it, but no idea how.
  13. It seems to be something to do with having the country code at the beginning of the number? I've edited a contact to add +44 and it works as an iMessage (but seems a bit temperamental). Also, the contacts then display differently - the one I've added +44 to shows the number, the others (starting 07xx) show the contact name - http://cl.ly/ZpAw EDIT: think I've worked it out! If Messages.app is open, then it sends as an iMessage, if not, it sends as an SMS. When Messages is open I get the contact list as above, if it's not open, I don't see the phone number, just the name
  14. For some reason the workflow is sending messages as SMS rather than iMessages. If I send directly from Messages.app they send correctly. I've tried "imu" to rebuild my contacts, but still having problems. Contacts have their phone numbers saved as "mobile". Am on 10.10.2, Alfred v2.6 and the latest version of the workflow (as of Feb 17th) from github. Any ideas?
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