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Probably an easy one for you guys...

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I've been messing about with Alfred and I've been able to pull off a couple of humble workflows of my own, but I'm having trouble on this one.  


I work in TV and I've been interviewing a lot of people lately.  In doing that, I search for them on:


- google

- linkedin


- StaffMeUp

- Vimeo

- Facebook

- Twitter


I tried doing that {query} thing while entering the url of the search page on each website, but I just can't seem to get it right.


Basically, I want to type in "TV", space, (person's name), then enter, and have all those websites open up at once!



If someone has a similar workflow, I can just try to use it as a template.  





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Alfred comes with a workflow like this built into the Examples.


Go to Alfred Preferences > Workflows > [+] button at bottom of list > Examples > Should I watch this movie? It will help you understand the basics of 'Default Web Search' and 'Open URL' actions, which will be the only things you should need for a workflow like the one you describe :)

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