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  1. Alfred's support page mentions it: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/contacts/#viewer
  2. Chrome comes bundled with Flash built in.
  3. You can't get the color panel to open? Packal does host the latest version…do you have any logs in Console.app related to "Colors.app"?
  4. To any who may be interested: Percentage calculator workflow Type "100 + 10%", get "110" as the output. It emulates the behavior of a 4-function pocket calculator. Enjoy
  5. Glad you like it I plan to add Swift support at some point; good to hear someone's interested it having it
  6. The % operator means "remainder" in GCMathParser (and in many programming languages). So 7 % 3 = 1, because 7 divided by 3 is 2 *remainder 1*. 10 % 10 is actually 0, because 10 divides into 10 once with *no remainder*. Try typing "7 % 3" into Google; you should see the same result Alfred gives you. I might also note: few computer languages have an operator for percentages, just because its so simple to do with division (divide by 100, multiply by percentage) Hope this helps
  7. Sorry, but v1.41 is not under active development, so any existing bugs will remain unfixed. If you'd like to update to the latest version, please download and reinstall the workflow from Packal Thanks for pointing this out! It seems that OS X is taking focus away from the color picker after sampling the screen color. I've programmed the color picker to terminate when focus is lost, which causes this behavior. I'll see what I can do
  8. What features are you having issues with? It still works on my end… Running Alfred 2 v2.5.1 (306) on Mac OS X 10.10 (14A389)
  9. I think you'll like this: http://support.alfredapp.com/workflows:config:inputs-script-filter
  10. Just so you know, I'm investigating this issue. For some ungodly reason, Colors isn't compiling at all with Xcode 6, so I'm having a rather difficult time debugging the code. I'll try to fix this (and a few other lingering bugs/annoyances) before too long!
  11. Sure, you can edit the workflow to do this without much work on my end Basically, you're going to find the connection between a Run Script object and a Growl output. When you find this connection, simply add another connection between that Run Script object and a Copy to Clipboard output. On my end, the screenshot below does what I described above. If you don't want the Growl notification, simply delete the Growl object from the workflow
  12. I'll probably post the source code on GitHub at some point. Here's a quick look in the meantime: http://cl.ly/code/3a402k0D1s2v By the way, I'm not actually extending the codebase for Alfred's calculator. The workflow feels like an extension of the calculator because it is triggered by the same characters that trigger the normal calculator (i.e. 0-9 and +-). These keywords act as a bridge to the binary, which returns results very similar to Alfred's normal calculator. It's also very fast, mainly because it's written in C.
  13. This workflow extends Alfred's built-in calculator function. It recognizes durations as input and allows them to be added / subtracted. For example, if you type "8:00:18 - 4:19:23" into Alfred, you'll get "3:40:55". You may add or subtract as many durations as you like (e.g. "3:32:55 - 5:57 + 4:50:14"). Download Preview:
  14. After reading about your dilemma, I realized that I face the same issue on a daily basis. So I made a workflow that should cover our needs Download You can type 'sheet' and search for the file, or you can use the 'Send to Sheet' file action. When you send a file through this workflow, it will attempt to interact with the frontmost sheet. It will tell the sheet to load the folder provided, or the parent folder if a file is provided.
  15. Any existing functionality mentioned here requires you to have a Powerpack license: The clipboard snippet feature does have its own hotkey. By default, it's Option + Command + C, which searches only Clipboard Snippets and History I'd venture to guess that, in the future, adding snippets will be very accessible, including the clipboard history contents and selected text options. Andrew doesn't ignore user feedback Using hotkeys, you can perform actions on both selected text and files. Not sure about OS X Services integration, but that would be a cool functionality; perhaps a workflow will eve
  16. This is possible without a workflow. Type 'C' into the search bar at the top left of the Workflows section of the Alfred Preferences. It will search hotkeys along with other fields like "Name" and "Creator"
  17. This method is certainly applicable in many situations, but I tend to dislike interfaces that call Alfred via AppleScript while I'm typing. They make the UI flickery; it feels too much like a hack.
  18. I've wanted a better interface for Snippets since Alfred 2's beta releases. Snippets is the only feature of Alfred that I don't use as much as I'd like. For example, I keep frequently-used special characters in my snippets so I can quickly insert them with a keyword. When I use a character that isn't in my database, I want to save it right away. I never actually do, because to open Alfred's preferences, navigate to snippets, and add an entry breaks my workflow. The same is true when I want to save a code snippet. A native interface for snippet manipulation would be a very welcome addition
  19. Are you running Alfred v2.2 or higher? If so, could you open Alfred Preferences > Workflows > Archives and click the bug icon in the upper right? Run the workflow and see what (if any) errors are thrown
  20. I've confirmed this. I'll submit a bug report as soon as possible I've submitted a bug report, as I don't believe this is the appropriate behavior.
  21. Yes, the 'type' attribute is optional. Right now, it is used only to specify if a result is a file/folder or not. If your script filter is returning files as its results (like David Ferguson's Faves workflow), setting the type to 'file' will allow the user to interact with the result just like a file search result. They can add it to the buffer, Quicklook, activate the actions panel, etc.
  22. I took another stab at this deletion issue. Since David said the problem was related to the workflows.php class, I ported his code to Python (and added a few features). Download The workflow should 'just work'. If it doesn't let me know Changes: 'Remove from Favorites' file action added More flexible filtering using 'fuzzy' search 'Reveal in Finder' action Automatic removal of items that no longer exist on your system Automatic removal of duplicate items New icons
  23. Update (v2.0.0): Much faster Added support for UIColor and NSColor Removed Alleyoop support in favor of Packal Download from Packal
  24. Update: Changed theme name to 'Unibody' Added a light version
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