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Create a folder with a specific name

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In my work, I often creates two files with the same names.
Is there a way to create a folder named: •no use (for example) with a keyword?
Thanks for your help



If you are a Powerpack member, this can certainly be done with a workflow. You could assign it to a hotkey and have it create the files in the current Finder folder. You could also have it create them in predefined folders or configure it to do a number of other things.

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yes I'm a Powerpack member. I tried to do that with a workflow, but I dont find the way to create a folder with a specific name with a hotkey


Do you want this to work as a file action or to create the folder in the current path in Finder?

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Hello MuppetGate 

thank you to have taking time to help me, but this is not exactly what I need 

I do not want to type the name of a file and its path 

Here's what I need: I want to invoke Alfred, type a hotkey and a folder named "• No Use" (for example) is automatically created in the current folder


Thanks :)

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Try this http://d.pr/f/4DbJ

This version is an action, so you'd navigate to the folder in Alfred then hit the Tab key (or whatever key you use to action items) and select 'Make Folder Here'.


If you open the script part of the workflow in Alfred's preferences you can change the name of the folder



Just read the thread instead of just the last couple of posts :P


This one will create a new folder in the current Finder window http://d.pr/f/Qwz3

You'll have to add your own hotkey if you plan to use it that way.

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Cool, he's an amazing designer (don't tell him I said that, it might go to his head :P )


Ahah, yes I know. He is very talented. I worked with him some years ago :)

But you too, you make amazing work, congrats


Thanks again Jono

Have a good day

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