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  1. Ah, right. Where should 'echo "${fileName}"' go in the script? At the end after 'done'? And I should still add {query} in the notification? I've tried it in various places in the script, but it either shows the filename along with the full path of the input and output, or just shows the full path of the input and output (no filename on it's own) 😐
  2. That works, thanks a lot! πŸ™‚
  3. Thanks, this works on images without a space in the filename, but not with spaces in the filename. Could that be something to do with the line above it? theFile="${1}" Also, I wanted to show the name of the image in a notification. I tried {query} but that shows the full path to the original image, and also tried ${fileName} (and variations of it) but that didn't work either. How would I do that?
  4. I don't know much at all about shell scripting, but I managed to cobble together a workflow that actually works. theFile="{query}" theImage=$(basename "${theFile}") fileName="${theImage%.*}" outputFile=$"$HOME/Desktop/$fileName.jpg" sips -s format jpeg -s formatOptions 100 "${theFile}" --out "${outputFile}" open -a ImageOptim "${outputFile}" I'm using it as a File Action, so select a PNG image, run the workflow and it converts it to JPG, then runs it though ImageOptim. This works when selecting single images. but doesn't work if I pass it multiple PNGs. In the File
  5. I also do this with a few different app's libraries/settings via the Synology Drive client πŸ‘
  6. Good idea, I've removed some of the keywords. …and yeah, I'll actually use quite a few functions of the workflow, not just regular bookmarks πŸ˜ƒ
  7. I was trying to strip out parts of the workflow that I didn't want. I guess I 'stripped out' too much 😊
  8. @deanishe …I guess I spoke too soon. Once I select a bookmark in Alfred and hit Return to open it nothing happens 😊 Any idea why that could be?
  9. Ah! Ah! I knew about adding it to Accessibility, Full Disk Access etc. but didn't know about adding it to Developer Tools πŸ˜ƒ I updated the icon of the workflow, and the script filters for Bookmarks, History etc. but it's still showing your icon. Is the workflow pulling that icon in from somewhere else? How do I change the icon to show for my bookmarks when I use the workflow? πŸ™‚ <edit>Actually scratch that, I can see I can replace them by opening the workflow in Finder. Thanks for this!</edit>
  10. @deanishe Thanks. I looked at this last night but when I try to run it I get this error
  11. Yeah, I'd also like to be able to change those icons for the default Safari icon. I really dislike them, to the point that I don't search for bookmarks in Alfred πŸ™ I was wondering if it's possible to create a separate workflow to search Safari's bookmarks? Just so that we could change the icon to use one of our choosing πŸ™‚
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