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Can't search for Core Services

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Howdy all


I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue, or not?


I'd like to search for apps in /System/Library/CoreServices, in particular Folder Actions Setup, but Alfred can't find it. I've added the directory to my default results search scope and Alfred can find Finder, but not anything else.


Spotlight can see the apps:

Nick@MacBook[~]$ mdfind -name "Folder Actions" | grep "CoreServices"
/System/Library/CoreServices/Folder Actions Setup.app
/System/Library/CoreServices/Folder Actions Dispatcher.app

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Cheers, Nick

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Spotlight doesn't show these by default. You have to set "System Files" to "are included" in the additional parameters. I assume Alfred's search only includes the default Spotlight search scope, which is probably the sensible thing to do.


You can easily set up a "File Filter" workflow to do this search though. The "system files" checkbox is right there:



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