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  1. Hey guys, yeah sorry, this workflow hasn't actually been updated for Alfred 3.x I'm afraid, so apologies for any mis-functioning. I should probably make this clear in the release notes -- thanks for letting me know. Personally, these days I just use a combination of Unclutter and Mohave's built-in Desktop stacks to achieve this functionality.
  2. Hey, have you tried the "timer nuke" command? That fixes 95% of these kind of issues -- it does a factory reset to the workflow, forcing it to rebuild all the working folders, etc.
  3. I'll check it out once I install HS later this week. Thanks.
  4. So you're looking in the timezone_list.sh file? You want to make sure this line is as follows: city_time=$(date -u -j -f %s $city_epochtime +"%l:%M %p") #Create readable time expression That's the format for AM/PM time. Note that this line is in there twice — one for the main list, and one for custom times.
  5. Yeah, it's the price you pay for speed. I could have it look up the true time difference every single run, but that wouldn't give instant results.
  6. Hey, I haven't done anything with this workflow in a long time as you can make calls directly from OS X these days. So no plans to revisit it at this point. However, it's probably not too complicated to tweak it a bit to work with A3 if you really wanted to. Cheers.
  7. That's odd, I'm not seeing this behaviour. I get the same consistent result with each method. Can you be more specific as to what you're doing to get this result?
  8. Hi Paul, in Alfred, if you right-click on the workflow (in the Workflows tab), then select "Open in Finder", it'll take you the unpacked workflow in Alfred. the includes.sh file is in there. Cheers, Carl.
  9. Hey there -- this workflow is basically deprecated since you can now txt and call from your Mac directly in the last couple of OSes.
  10. Okay, so obviously this workflow hasn't been updated for Alfred 3 yet. It's working (mostly) for me, but I chose to "migrate settings" when updating to A3, but I'm guessing you didn't do this? Anyway, you might be able to fix it by manually updating the preferences location. Reveal the workflow in Finder, go into "scripts" and open "first_run_check.sh" and "includes.sh" in a text editor. Change any references to "Alfred 2" to "Alfred 3". Then "nuke" the workflow by running "timer nuke" and see how it goes after that. As I said, it's currently working for me, so I can't test that procedure properly, but hopefully you can figure your way through it. If not, you'll probably have to wait until I update it for Alfred 3. Which probably won't be for a little while. Good luck.
  11. Right-click on the Workflow in Alfred Preferences and select "Show in Finder". Then in the sounds folder is a file called "alarm_done.mp3". You should be able to replace this with an mp3 file of your own, just rename it to "alarm_done.mp3" Hope that helps. Carl.
  12. Hi Alan, thanks for your feedback. The "help" feature *should* be working -- it is for me, at least. All it does is open an html page within the workflow bundle in your default browser, so I'd guess that the problem is something to do with your system not allowing the browser to open the page. Anyway, if you go to the workflow folder (right-click "Show in Finder" on EggTimer on Alfred's "Workflows" tab), then look in the "docs" folder, and open "help.html". Hope that helps. Carl.
  13. Yeah, good, that's what I was going to suggest. I think there's already a couple of posts regarding that further up in this thread. Cheers, Carl.
  14. Hi Paul, hope you've figured it out by now, but you'll just need to run "timezone update" on the workflow to force it refresh its local offset database. It should show the correct time (DST or normal) after that. Carl
  15. Hey, that's a great suggestion, but I'm not sure it's possible at this point. The ways you can control NC notifications are limited, which is why I left Growl in as an option. I see Notifications can now be triggered by Applescript (which I may implement), but not seeing any way to control whether they're sticky or not, except as a global per-app setting in NC settings. If anyone has any other info regarding this, please let me know. Thanks for the feedback.
  16. Hi Todd, I can confirm that this is something to do with Choosy, but not sure what exactly. It was working fine for me, I installed Choosy, I messed around with a couple of settings and it still seemed to be working. However, when I uninstalled Choosy, it wouldn't work. I think this happens when there is a default browswer selected in the system that is not available. I went back to Firefox settings and re-checked "Make default" (FF is my default browser) and it worked fine again. Also, I note that Choosy has an option to "Enable Choosy for HTML files", which would be relevant to this as the help file is a locally stored HTML file. Hope that helps in some way. Cheers, Carl.
  17. Hi there, yes, this seems to be a common problem when upgrading the OS -- it must reset folder permissions for some reason. Anyway, best bet is to reset the workflow to default settings with the "timer nuke" command. That should take care of it. Cheers.
  18. Hey folks, I've updated the workflow to v1.3 to now automatically support JPG files as well. (As per Vero's suggestion above.) Download v1.3 Cheers, Carl.
  19. Hey, made a tiny update to incorporate a new 256px icon. No other changes (at this point). http://bit.ly/timezones-1-7a
  20. If you are happy to make a little manual edit to the script file: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/491-timezones-a-world-clock-script-filter-updated-to-v17/?p=7761
  21. Oh good, glad you got it working. Was about to refer you to that solution. Yeah, it's been a common issue -- something seems to happen to the permissions on the settings folders, usually when upgrading OS versions. "timer nuke" to reset everything is the simplest remedy. Cheers.
  22. Hey there, you can do a auto-repeating timer with "timer every 1:30 work session". However, you'll have to manually stop it when you're done with it, you can't (yet?) specify it to only run 4 times. Cheers.
  23. That's a good point, and something that has been asked before. I'll add it to my TO DO list. (Hopefully I'll get some time soon...) Thanks for your feedback.
  24. Hi policus, since version 2.0 the Growl (or Notification Centre) notifications ARE built into the EggTimer process. So you should see "EggTimer" as a registered application in your Growl prefs and be able to choose whatever style you want. Note that the workflow obeys your selection of Notication Center or Growl that you specified in the workflow prefs. Cheers, Carl.
  25. Hi Sebastian. First thing to try would be to reset the workflow back to "factory" settings, using the command "timer nuke". Let me know if that works. (It should I think.) Cheers.
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