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Alfred Debugging Mode Error… Just to understand...

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I would like to understand why the following error is happening.

In resume, in a Run Script object (osascript) if I use the code below Alfred does not show any error in debugging mode:


run script (POSIX file ((do shell script "pwd") & "/errortest.scpt"))
However , if I use the code below (see also the screenshot) although the script works Alfred shows an error in debugging mode:


run script POSIX file "errortest.scpt"
Here is the error:


[ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 0: 2014-05-08 13:15:12.019 osascript[9726:303] CFURLGetFSRef was passed this URL which has no scheme (the URL may not work with other CFURL routines): errortest.scpt

Finally, here is a test workflow: download

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This error was introduced in Mountain Lion. Basically, when converting a POSIX path to an alias, it wants an absolute path rather than a relative path, even though it has no effect on the final result.


I found this answer on Stack Overflow


Thank you. It seems that an alias is not necessary after all. This seems to be working fine:

run script “errortest.scpt"

This is the first time I’m taking a close look on how I can call an AppleScript from a Run Script object since Alfred added osascript support directly.

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