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Workflow that reads values from CSV

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Easy enough, yes. Since you haven’t given many details, I’ve had to set some defaults that may not fit your use-case ideally.

Get it here (temporarily available). Open the workflow’s directory and place your CSV inside, with a name of list.csv. To call it, simply type gv (that’s “gv” and a space) followed by your query. Press ↩, and you should get your y value on the clipboard. It’s case insensitive, and you don’t have to type the whole x value, but you have to start at its beginning (e.g., if the value is “Alfred”, typing “alf” will work, but “fred” will not).

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Vitor: Thank you very much! This worked like a charm. I made the necessary changes to the query for the filepath.


For anyone else looking to use this, I had to make sure the CSV used , and not ; as both my Excel and Numbers apps exported with semicolons and not commas.

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