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Preference window too big?


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Not sure if this has been mentioned or whether it is going to change but I am using a Macbook Air 11.6" at a resolution of 1366 x 768 and I am having real trouble using the preferences. The window is too big for the screen and it doesn't seem to get any smaller than the default size (it can get bigger though).  I have attached a screenshot of what I mean. With the dock and the menu bar visible, I can't actually click some of the buttons at the bottom of the window. I realise there is only so small it can get, but perhaps making the sections scrollable when you pass a certain size?



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I'm aware of this, but most preference panes need the space which is why there is a minimum size. I have added the full screen option to make editing easier in limited screen space situations.


You could always pop your dock to the right hand side (I do this even on my huge screen).


I may look into this later, but it's low priority for now as there is quite a bit of other stuff left to do for v2.

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