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Notes about Yosemite

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Yosemite no longer includes Ruby 1.8, so extensions relying on that (or frameworks like RubyCocoa that were only installed for 1.8) will no longer work.


They've also dropped Python 2.3 and 2.5, but 2.6 (specifically 2.6.9) is still installed alongside 2.7.6.


Safari now stores its history in a database rather than a property list, but I expect most workflows searching Safari's history just use a file filter on ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History. That still seems to be working.

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It seems Yosemite is not creating a plist file using System Events (AppleScript), although it can write and read.


The example below does not work under Yosemite. Note that _data is the path of the plist:

tell application "System Events"
    set parentElement to make new property list item with properties {kind:record}
    set plistFile to make new property list file with properties {contents:parentElement, name:my _data & "settings.plist”}
end tell

But the code below works and can be used to create the plist if it does not exist:

do shell script "defaults write " & quoted form of (my _data & "settings.plist") & space & "WorkflowSettings" & space & "OK"
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