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[Feature request] Make adding "Related Apps" easier.

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App-based keyword shortcuts are awesome.

Adding "Related Apps" can be "time consuming" (repetitive task, boring).


Problem 1 : There is n o way to add more than one app at the time.

Solution : Wouldn' it be great if we could create groups of apps. For example with a group of apps named "browsers". I would type a keyword that I would have previously defined and "browsers" in Alfred's bar, then would hit enter. All the browsers in my group "browsers" would be added in "Related Apps". We could also define "Related App" by workflow and not by Hotkey. No need to add the "Related Apps" in every hotkeys of the workflow.


Problem 2 : 

Solution : Once the setting is set to "have focus" or "don't have focus",  let the user add the app by selecting in Alfred's bar + hitting "Enter". For this to work, the focus has to be moved from the drop down menu to the panel right under.


What do you think?

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