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Show OS X ‘tags’ with a hotkey?

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I'm a fanatic hotkey user. I use Alfred to open apps, files and folders with hotkeys. But I can't get a hotkey connected to an OS X tag.


What I want? Open a Finder window with a specific tag selected in the Sidebar… triggered by a hotkey.


Can this be done by Alfred 2.5?

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set up a hotkey that calls this applescript:

set the search_string to "tag:my-tag"
tell application "System Events"
delay 1
keystroke " " using {option down, command down}
delay 1
keystroke search_string
keystroke return
end tell
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it's not the most graceful way to do it but Finder doesn't let you Applescript saved searches (my first thought for a solution).  Unfortunately since it relies on scripting keystrokes, you may need to lengthen the delays for it to work.  Even with delay 3 instead of delay 1 it's not working consistently for me.  

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