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"Speed deferring Omnifocus tasks" workflow

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I have written/adapted a couple of AppleScripts and packed them into a Alfred 2 workflow to speed up my deferring process in Omnifocus.


The idea is that when I go through my daily task list or inbox in Omnifocus I often move them to later in the day (e.g., after lunch or towards the evening when I have less energy) or to the next day. Some of these I move even to the weekend evening, when I do my weekly planning.


You can download the workflow here (version 1.1):



​More details on how to make changes (adapt it for your needs) can be found here:





Here is a list of implemented shortcuts: The idea is that you can go through your tasks with the arrow keys. If you want to move the currently highlighted task (or multiple tasks), you can choose from the previously described options. The corresponding shortcuts are define with arrow keys too. The idea is to use "⌥⌘" for deferring to today and "⌃⌥⌘" to tomorrow. The arrow keys are "" for morning, "" for afternoon, and "" for evening.



↓       today (morning) 

      today  14:00 (afternoon) 

       today 18:00 (evening) 


⌃⌥      tomorrow (morning) 

⌃⌥ →    tomorrow 14:00 (afternoon) 

⌃⌥       tomorrow 18:00 (evening) 


   ⌥      next Sunday 18:00 (to plan my next week)  

⌃ ⌥ ⌘     next Saturday (morning)  to follow up task that I was not able to do during the week

                     I change sometimes this to a specific date , e.g.,  the first day after the vacations or after some busy deadline (to move quickly task out of my sight until things calm down)


Enjoy and have a great day,



January 26, 2015 - Version 1.1


Updated version:

– added a clean up action after deferring tasks

– changed the short cut for next Sunday to   

– added another shortcut (default next Saturday) with shortcut ⌃⌥  

– fixed a small error for the next Sunday script that occurred when the next Sunday was already in the next month/year

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I've been using this workflow for a while now and find it very useful, thank you for providing this!


Wish list improvements: when I select many tasks (say > 10) and defer them all at once it is a little bit slow, if possible to improve speed the function would be even more valuable. It would be good if you publish it on Packal for more convenient upgrading.

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Hi there,


I've just set this workflow up and I wanted to see if I'm doing it right. It's working but there's a maybe 3 second delay between hitting the hotkey and the task defer date updating. Is that how it usually works (I'm new to applescript). I'm not sure if it's my computer or an error in how I set this up or something else.



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