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  1. Never mind, I got the admin to upgrade me to lightning. Mostly because I like this workflow so much. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for bringing this back! Super great workflow. I get an error message when I use it. Is it only compatible with Lightning? "Lightning Experience is enabled for your organization, but not yet for you. Want to give it a try? Ask your Salesforce admin."
  3. I'm looking to make a workflow that would take convert a path name from windows to mac. Windows-using work colleagues often send me the full path name for docs in Google Drive File Stream, but they don't work because a) Mac has a different way of naming volumes in paths and b) the back slashes need to become forward slashes to work correctly. Anyone know if something that could convert at least the slash direction easily? Thanks all
  4. Hi there, I've tried to enable this a few times with no luck. I tried to move my preferences folder to my HD rather than iCloud but no luck. Can anyone advise on how to set the variables? I think maybe I am writing the wrong path for the snippets folder...
  5. Hi! I think this workflow broke in Catalina. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Thanks so much for making this. As a non-programmer, I need a little guidance on how to set the prefsPath's correctly. I'm assuming this refers to the text next to the prefsPath/prefsFolder bit of the python script. I believe I should set these to the Alfred snippets folder and the subfolder in that folder the snippets should be categorized under, is that right? I keep my snippets in iCloud Drive, I looked up how to write out the path for that but got a little confused - finder treats iCloud Drive as the root, but I'm guessing it really isn't...
  7. Wow, thanks so much for making this!! Just what I was looking for, and greatly helpful. Thanks!
  8. I love snippets, I just wish it was easier to add and edit them. There's something about navigating the Alfred UI that puts me off making new snippets that means I don't do it as often as I wish I did. It feels like there could be a workflow that would allow you to type something like "{snip} text text text text {name:txt}". If this isn't possible with Alfred, does anyone know of another app? Like maybe a quick add snippet from the Services menu or something?
  9. Hell yeah, this is what I've been looking for forever. Thanks for making this @sballin!!
  10. Wow sounds like a perfect solution. Do you have a solution for sharing a file with just selected other people? I guess syncing certain files with a dropbox shared folder?
  11. Thanks, I came across that thread in my searches. It highlights the fact that Alfred has perfect workflows, but the nature of the beast means that it's always a temporary solution that could break any time.
  12. Hi all, Based on my research, it seems like there was a good Alfred workflow that allowed to search and open notes that broke in 10.11. I've started using Notes as permanent storage for project notes (used to just be an inbox I would empty), and so I'd like to be able to quickly search through to find what I need. If it's impossible I'm going to look into switching to Bear (which I know has a workflow) or Agenda. How are people currently handling their notes with Alfred? Thanks all!
  13. Hey, The solution nkloster shared tends to work temporarily and then stops working after a bit. Having said that, it has been working pretty unfailingly in the last few weeks for me.
  14. Hi there, I posted a report that Spotlight & Alfred were not indexing the volume used in the new Google Drive File Stream volume, which was since closed. As recommended I got in touch with Google Suite people who had this to say "Unfortunately currently the File stream does't fully support Spotlight. The files for File stream are not stored in a separate File Stream cache which can't be indexed by Spotlight. There are some reports that if you reinstall the File stream it will work for a while but this is not an officially supported feature yet. There is an existing feature idea from the Cloud connect portal. You can vote for it as well and I hope that more options are added in future updates https://www.cloudconnect.goog/ideas/11068. I was checking for that as well but currently there are no reported workarounds besides reinstalling the app which is reported to work in some cases. I could't see any settings you can change to make this work" So that's the status as far as Google are concerned. The only workaround that would technically work would be to downgrade back down to the old Google Drive, though you lose the features of GDFS and it also has no support for Team Drives. Another workaround is to use this Google Drive workflow, but it is slower and only lets you go to files and not folders. I may actually downgrade to the old Google Drive app; I really miss the lightning fast ability to use Google Drive through Alfred. I'm also going to try to see what the status from the Apple Support side.
  15. Hi all, Thanks for the response. I thought this was a really niche issue so I didn't search the forum, but turns out it's common. Sorry for adding a topic to the mess. This is kind of weird, and I don't understand why, but it started working again. Spotlight can find it too. I'm not sure what circumstances led it to work or not, perhaps it converted the files back from references?
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