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  1. Hi all, Thanks for the response. I thought this was a really niche issue so I didn't search the forum, but turns out it's common. Sorry for adding a topic to the mess. This is kind of weird, and I don't understand why, but it started working again. Spotlight can find it too. I'm not sure what circumstances led it to work or not, perhaps it converted the files back from references?
  2. Hi there, Alfred has stopped searching through Google Drive! It worked at first but it no longer seems to be looking in there. I've double checked the Search Scope and the correct folder ("/volumes/GoogleDrive") is there. I am using Google Drive File Stream. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help
  3. Cardhop Workflow

    Wow, GuiB, this workflow is a DREAM. Exactly what I hoped would happen with Alfred, and enough to push me over into buying Cardhop after the trial. Thank you for making it!
  4. Cardhop Workflow?

    Feedback take deanishe, and Ehler was right about my thinking.
  5. I love this!! Thank you for developing it. There seems to be a bug. Occasionally, when I type in a command it says "Type at least two characters to search in Salesforce", no matter how many characters are in there. Then when I hit enter a notification pops up saying "New access token" and it starts working normally again. It's not a huge issue because it works fine after that, but I find it occasionally does this. Any idea why? Thanks again for making this
  6. Hi all, is anyone else excited by the concept of a Cardhop Alfred workflow? One that works, I imagine, like the fantastical workflow. Is such a thing even possible? It seems like it would be incredible.
  7. Oh man, sad day! What's the best next way of doing this? Maybe some sort of workflow that updates to imgur or something?
  8. Hi there, I believe the dropbox links are down again. This is one of my favourite workflows so I'd love to get it up and running again. Any chance of that? Tim
  9. Hey, Since forever I could use Alfred to find .gsheet and .goc files and open them. It was glorious. Not sure what changed but I can no longer do that. It finds anything except these docs. What could have changed? I didn't do anything in alfred preferences... Thanks Tim
  10. Toggle Tunnelbear workflow

    I'd like this too!
  11. "Speed deferring Omnifocus tasks" workflow

    Hi there, I've just set this workflow up and I wanted to see if I'm doing it right. It's working but there's a maybe 3 second delay between hitting the hotkey and the task defer date updating. Is that how it usually works (I'm new to applescript). I'm not sure if it's my computer or an error in how I set this up or something else. Thanks
  12. I have a random album feature but I wanna shuffle my whole music library and just use the f9 key to skip through my album. I'd also like to be able to shuffle through playlists (e.g. recently added) Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Thank you for this. Interesting that this is technically possible! Do you know of an app that is designed to work like this? Basically, when I remember something about someone that I want as reference info (not as an action), I wanna be able to effortlessly note that down in an appropriate place. I find by the time I've opened the contacts app, found the person, and the app hasn't crashed, I've forgotten what that fact was.
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for a way of prepending notes to a contact using Alfred. After a conversation I want to be able to add a note to a Contact with a datestamp. I'm ok to put the datestamp in myself (using text expander) but I'm wondering if this is feasible using Alfred? Eventually each contact will have a series of notes on meetings with that contact. I'd appreciate the help! Thanks!
  15. Google Drive

    This is great! is there a way of making this always open in Google Chrome (not my default browser). Reason being - I only use Google Drive with my work stuff, which is always in Google Chrome.