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How do I add a command switch to open files?

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Is it possible to add a command switch to opening files? E.g. I want to open a powerpoint file to slideshow mode. That will required I use a /s at the back of the command. 



Cheers Bernard Sia


No you can't do that, but if you are a Powerpack member, you could create a result action to do it. This would mean that you select the file in Alfred, press the right arrow, and you would be provided the normal list of options, plus your current one to "Launch in Slideshow Mode"

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In theory, it's simple enough to add command line options with Alfred (using a workflow), but PowerPoint on Mac doesn't appear to accept any command-line arguments. Indeed, you can't even just open a file with PP directly from the command line.

Opening files works fine with open -a 'Microsoft PowerPoint' /path/to/file, but PP ignores any arguments it's passed, e.g.: open -a 'Microsoft PowerPoint' /path/to/file --args /s has no effect.

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