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Exclude locations from search filters?


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Is there any chance of adding the ability to exclude locations from the search scope of search filters?


I created a workflow to search only for PDFs but keep getting results appearing in ~/Library/Mail/. I only want to see PDFs I've saved and organised in my Home folder, but not ones I've received as email attachments (or anywhere in ~/Library/).

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The OS X Metadata service only provisions for folder inclusion, not exclusion, so this isn't possible.


Having said that, v2 doesn't include ~/Library/ by default, so unless you have added that yourself to the default search scope, these shouldn't be found.

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Yes, I'd added it for some other searches (but didn't want it included in all Alfred searches). Thanks for the info.


If you are using file filter (workflow objects), it would be better to specify ~/Library directly in their scopes rather than the main scope... this will keep the default results nice and clean

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