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Issue: Tab contrast

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I'm really happy Alfred remote is here and I'm looking forward to configuring it to my needs :)


I found the contrast of the background of the tabs/pages at the bottom way too low. I do now understand how the interface is supposed to work but I think that I won't be the only one who will have trouble with figuring that out. A slight color adjustment might already save the day :)


Also the icon isn't the most attractive on my homescreen…


I don't mean to be a naysayer, I'm really excited about this app and a huge Alfred fan. This is just one "easy to fix" issue that I stumbled upon right away.


Keep up the great work



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I totally agree with Fl0rz--it took me quite a while to even realize that the four icons at the bottom of the screen were tabs. I would suggest that the interface follow more closely the conventions used in other iOS apps wherein the background of the tab row is colored slightly differently than the rest of the pane [here I would go lighter than the main panel's background color, not darker as you have done] and where the icons are very simply colored (one color on gray as with many of Apple's apps such as Safari or dark gray+white on light gray as exists on the bottom of the share sheet). I know doing so is not so easy given that it seems you merely push down to your iOS app whatever icon is dropped into the left-hand panel of the remote tab on the OS X version of the app, but still you might try to do something such as using slightly tinted grayscale versions of the original color icons that were selected for placement in the left-hand panel of the OS X app, for that kind of a color transformation could be automated. Perhaps also some resizing (slight reduction in size) of these icons on should also be considered. 

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