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Initial thoughts and feedback

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First off let me start by saying congratulations to the Alfred team for getting this shipped. I wasn't expecting this level of completion for v1, but it's pretty well stocked.


Now for the feedback:

Receving user input via the iOS app would be hugely beneficial. For example in my Slack worflow I let people set status with 'active' or 'away', but can't allow this input in the app. If I walk away from the computer it'd be great to set that status without having to go back.


Simulating key press (enter/cmd/ctrl) would also be pretty great, but understand there could be limitations


I noticed if you build a remote trigger, add it to "Remote" and then rename it the trigger wont work anymore. I think it'd be ideal if names and adjustments were reflected without needing to add/remove.


Pie in the sky request here but the ability to have workflows output back to the app/phone. Example: In my Digital Ocean workflow it checks status and returns some stats. My thinking is rather than just display it in the desktop, you can modify an output to format the results back to the app. Again, the idea being running certain workflows while away from the computer for an extended period of time.

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Simulating keypresses is easy with Applescript -- see the script I just posted to close a window for an example.


I should have expanded further, but I mean how with some workflows you have to hit enter to finish whatever it's doing. An example would be with Pinboard: you can search, but you need to highlight the item and hit enter. It's not so much for triggering them via a script, but for allowing more interaction with workflows that use them. IE: After searching for an item in Pinboard holding ctrl would delete it instead of opening it

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