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text input as part of action

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Not sure if it's been mentioned, I only did a cursory glance at topics, but I would love to see the ability to send text along with a remote action.


I know I can set default param value, but if a workflow was expecting text, would be nice to have alfred remote app allow me to type in some text to send along.



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Yup, right now the feature I'm most hoping to get out of the Alfred remote is the ability to type into the standard alfred bar from the App. I'd find this particularly useful because I don't have a desktop trackpad and it would be a wonderful means of inputting Chinese characters for which I don't know the pinyin (can only recognize by sight).

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I'm using the app "workflow" to copy specific text to the clipboard and to open alfred remote. Then I can trigger a remote action which uses the clipboard content. It's pretty useful for my use case and could be a workaround for passing along text to alfred. (only possible with the universal clipboard introduced with macOS Sierra).

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