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Script Filter displays unwanted results among my defined ones

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I have a Script Filter with a keyword "KC" that populates results (using php and xml) with items I defined. This is working fine, except the fact that it also shows some unwanted items among my defined results. For example "Key Codes.app" - it shouldn't be there, but Alfred still shows them, probably because this app has letters K and C in it's name. 


This doesn't make sense. 

That's completely fine with me if Alfred show other apps like Komodo, Key Codes, Keychain Access, etc. when I start typing my keyword by typing "K". 

But when I finish typing my keyword "KC" it switches to my Workflow and displays results I defined.

So why I still get "Key Codes.app" among these results?



Thanks in advance,


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That's the way Alfred's designed to work (mixing workflow results and its own results together).


You can select "with space" in your Script Filter's options to keep its results out of Alfred's (it won't be run till the query is "kc ").


If you want to ensure Alfred's default results aren't mixed in with your workflow's, you need to use a more unique keyword. ".kc" would probably give you no default results in Alfred.

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