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Navigating folders in Vim triggers clipboard-merging


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I kept hearing a weird 'purr' sound effect while navigating folders in vim's netrw, and eventually traced it down to Alfred's clipboard merging functionality getting triggered somehow.


I don't see it in the default vim that comes with Yosemite (7.3), but I do see it in a homebrew install of vim 7.4, and in Neovim.  It occurs whether I use iTerm or Terminal.


To reproduce, I can just launch Terminal, type 'vim .', and carry on hitting '-' to travel up a folder (or j/k/enter to drill down to a different folder).  It doesn't happen every time the current folder changes, maybe one time in 3?  When it happens, I hear Alfred's clipboard merge sound effect, and Alfred's latest clipboard item gets merged with the current system's clipboard.


I'm running OS X 10.10.2, with Alfred 2.6.  Any idea what's happening here?

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Any idea what's happening here?


Alfred's mechanism for clipboard merge is actually pretty simple... he watches for the clipboard counter changing, and if there are two subsequent copies of clipboard data with incremental counter within a few tenths of a second, then it's seen as a merge action.


For the merge to be happening in vim, there must be something configured causing it to do a copy to clipboard (or at least some clipboard fettling). I'm not a vi user so can't comment too much on this.


If you aren't using the clipboard merge, you could always just disable this feature in Alfred?




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