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Find and Replace Plain Text - Clipboard

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Can someone please help me solve this problem:


When I finish writing a report, I need to replace XX with the last name of the client. So far, I manually have to do these steps:


1. Copy the last name of the client

2. CMD+Option+F

3. Type XX

4. Hit Tab

5. Paste the last name of the client (CMD +V)

6. Move the mouse cursor to All button.


I use Ulysses for writing.


Can this be done faster?

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Ulysses isn't, as far as I can tell, scriptable, so your options for automating it are limited, clunky and unreliable.


You can try simulating the keypresses and clicks with AppleScript or Keyboard Maestro.


Ulysses actually stores its documents as plain text (or RTF), so a more robust solution would probably to write a script that manipulates the files directly instead of via Ulysses.

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