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File Name Sequencer

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Hi, I thought I would share this workflow with everyone. I use it a whole lot since I need to generate sequencial file names for my work. I hope everyone enjoys it. Let me know if you think of any improvements for it. I just updated it for working in the recommended data directory and not the workflow directory.




Note:  I just updated the link. Sorry, I did not realize I had changed the address. You can see all of my workflows at http://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/

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URL goes to 404 ... and it is a bit unclear to me what it actually will do!


I fixed the link. Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know.


This workflow allows you to set a base name and extension for generating file names. It will then sequentially generate file names of the format: <basename>-<number>.<ext>. I save cover pictures for a movie player a whole lot. So, instead of remembering a lot of names, I just set a base name and go through a sequence. If I have to stop and come back, I do not have to worry about loosing notes at where I stopped. So, it is very handy for me.

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