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I currently use a software package called smcFanControl to increase my fan speeds whilst playing Eve, which tends to cause excess heat on my rMBP. 


Does anybody have a workflow solution that can increase fan speed? I'm hoping to integrate it so I can automatically increase the fan speed when I start Eve plus easily reset the speed to the default when I'm finished.


The problem I've run into is that smcFanControl does not seem to work with AppleScript per the developer, which is disappointing because it gives me a nice temp readout on the menubar.


Thanks for any input or suggestions.



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I don't use it either but if what Tyler suggests is correct and there are command line apps to interface with this, then it could be easily done. However, it won't be something quite as automated as what I interpreted your request to be. You could make a command that would increase the fans and start Eve but you would need another command at the end to lower them again. Alfred wouldn't monitor to see if Eve was still running and auto lower them afterwards.

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