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Auto-highlight top result over-riden by mouse without movement


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What is wrong?

If my mouse cursor is statically positioned over alfred query result when I search, it will highlight my mouse position rather than the first item when the "Auto-highlight top result" box is checked.


Due to this unexpected behavior, I always have to move my cursor to the first result to action it, which is very frustrating for someone who has been conditioned to hit "return" over the years.


What is expected?

- Historically, no matter where my mouse cursor is, I can hit "return" and it'll choose the first result. There was no need for me to highlight the first item to action it, nor did it matter where my cursor was when I initiated the search.



I am always able to replicate this. I just updated to 2.7.2 and then prerelease 2.7.3. I encountered this issue on both releases.

Edit: I also cannot highlight via arrow keys. Seems like the only way to select is via the mouse :(
I also just updated to the latest Yosemite update. I wonder if it has something to do with that as I see a similar thing happening with Safari url bar search.
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This definitely shouldn't be happening, and I can't reproduce the behaviour you decide in either Alfred or Safari.


It might be worth temporarily creating a new user account on your Mac and trying from there. There could be something on your main account which is undesirably affecting the behaviour.


Let me know how you get on!




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Thanks Andrew! I feel like an idiot in that it has so easily resolved >.< However, I'm super relieved that I can continue to speed through on my Mac!


I signed onto a guest account on my computer to test out Alfred and did not experience the odd behavior. Then I logged back into my main account and the issue resolved. 


Maybe a flakey Mac OS X thing that required the system to start up again. The Safari issue has also resolved.


Thanks so much for building such a great product! 

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