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Restart without Relaunch

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David-- Just so I understand, if I use the current, built in "restart" Alfred system command with the relaunch box already unchecked, I would get the same behavior as this workflow?


It appears the upside to the workflow is if one wanted to leave the box normally checked, but wanted to restart on occasion without a relaunch. Have I got that right?


I always have the box unchecked, but once in a while that choice is ignored and apps relaunch. I know in other forums many users have this same problem (I understand this is not an Alfred problem/bug). I am wondering if using your workflow would force the no relaunch consistently and get around this OS X bug. Seems like it would.

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I haven't experienced the problem with having the box unticked and it still relaunching so I'm not sure. 


The workflow uses AppleScript to click the Restart option in the Apple menu. Doing that doesn't display the dialog that asks if you want to relaunch, it just performs the action. What I found though is that, the setting for that option to relaunch in the Restart dialog is saved in com.apple.loginwindow.plist. So the workflow changes that value to a bool NO, and then actions the restart. It doesn't prompt to ask, but it still respects that value.

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So, I previously made a post about kind of a hacked way to do this and then was talking to Adam Lau (@helloleo) about it on Twitter and came to a realization. I can do this a lot easier! Removed the hacked way of doing it. Popped out a workflow, and here ya go!




I downloaded this workflow but it doesn't work at all.

I tried many times but can u fix this problem??plz

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I know this post is a little old, but I tried exactly to do what the script of jdfwarrior is doing.


Sadly, I can't download it anymore and I don't find the relaunch field in com.apple.loginwindow.plist.


Is it possible to make the script available again or do you know if the relaunch at startup option has been moved to another .plist file ?

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