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Show Mac Desktop
I'm looking for a Window's Show Desktop alternative on Mac. The Show Desktop option of Mission Control may be a choice, and I also found and tried this workflow as well, but it doesn't work perfectly. So I decide to make a workflow by myself. It's my first time to write AppleScript and please leave any feedback and suggestion.

Press ⌘+D to Show Desktop - a shortcut to minimize all the on-screen windows. Also you can assign the hotkey you preferred.
How it works
A hotkey combining two-step action:

  • Activate Finder and hide all other apps by ⌘+⌥+H.
  • Activate Finder and minimize the front app by ⌘+⌥+M.

Similar workflows

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Great workflow but the keyboard shortcut Cmd+D conflicts with "Bookmark this page in" in Google Chrome.


How can I change it?

Hi politicus, thanks for trying this workflow. To solve your problem, you can simply apply a new hotkey, e.g. Ctrl+D, in the Hotkey Settings. I hope this workaround helps.

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