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running a .sh (in place)

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Can anyone suggest a way or sketch a workflow to be able to run shell scripts from alfred directly?





Say I have a example.sh in /home/folder/


I'd like to be able to run this from Alfred; i.e. the following sequence of events happen:


1. I type example.

2. example.sh shows up in the list of results.

3. I [hotkey] to the options menu of example.

4. I [hotkey] something (a workflow?) to execute the script (in /home/folder).

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To find your scripts, your best bet is probably to set up a File Filter.
Then to run it, you can use (something like) the following script in a Run Script action: 

script_dir=$(dirname "${script_path}")
cd "${script_dir}"

Note: This script requires the executable bit to be set on the script you're trying to run.


You can connect your File Filter directly to the Run Script action and/or use a File Action.

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