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So, I may be an outlier, but I use Alfred so much that I have a bit of trouble finding things that I have created in my workflows. For example, to ease my pain, I created 3 different workflows for work that contain keyword triggered flows with 3 different general types (I have 1 for administrative type stuff, 1 dedicated to all my scripts for opening special terminal windows, etc.).


However, even now, when I open these workflows, scrolling through to find the function/flow that I want to edit or clean up is kind of a pain, especially since many of my flows have the same keyword trigger, so they look the same until I open them up to edit.


A couple of things that might be super handy:

1. Enable a search *within* workflows to search for all flows with a particular keyword trigger

2. Enable a search within all workflows for keyword triggers

3. Enable a search for either all workflows or within a workflow for keywords contained within written scripts (this would be great for searching for reusable code blocks, or could be used to search for blocks of code with specified commented code keywords...


thanks for listening, and if you want to discuss ideas, feel free to reach out!

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thanks for listening, and if you want to discuss ideas, feel free to reach out!



Have you tried the search field at the top of the workflow list in Alfred's preferences? It not only searches by name, but also inside workflows for keywords, identifiers and hotkeys. It doesn't search within scripts though.


Also, if you click the cog next to the search field, you can group workflows in categories which should make it easier to find the workflows you're looking for!




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Ahh... I didn't know that  was there. That is a nice feature!


However, this doesn't get at the stickier problem, wherein I have multiple flows inside a workflow that all use the same keyword trigger. While viewing the workflow, there are just a bunch of blocks with the same keyword and no info to differentiate which ones do what without double clicking to edit them.


I *could* reorganize these potentially into one flow that uses a script filter, but that would be a considerable task at this point...

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