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Just bought Alfred thinking I was gonna be able to (re)map basically anything from my hotkeys.
I am trying to map a Mac OS X gesture to a combination hotkey of my keyboard and mouse.

The standard hotkey for moving left or right a space is ^ + -->   and   ^ + <-- (also just swipe left or right with 3 fingers on a trackpad).


How can I map this action to holding down the command button and scrolling left or right?

Using a third party mouse, this is the best way I find to move desktops quickly without reaching for my macbook trackpad.



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I use BetterTouchTool for this as you can easily hook up your mouse buttons etc. with different OS X features 

like switching desktops etc.


Alfred itself cannot do anything with your mouse input from what i know. The only thing you can do is create workflows with different 



Hope that helps :)

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