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Will not find Parallels Desktop application


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I installed Alfred 1.2 from the App Store.  Then realized that the newest versions were not being installed via the App Store, so I deleted the App Store version and installed Alfred v2 from the web site.


Current setup:

  * Alfred 2.8.3 (435)

  * OS X 10.11.3


So the bug is:  I have Parallels Desktop installed (normal install; app is located at /Applications/Parallels Desktop.app).  When searching with Alfred it will not find Parallels Desktop.  Typing "par" locates only "Parental Controls".  Typing "parallel" just prompts me to search the web.  Ditto "parallels desktop".


I checked Spotlight.  Spotlight finds the app if I type "par" or "parallel" just fine.  To be on the safe side I rebuilt the Spotlight metadata index yesterday, which resulted in no change to Spotlight's ability to locate Parallels, nor in Alfred's inability to locate the app.


I also checked several other apps that are installed.  Alfred found all of them without incident.


I use Parallels quite a bit and it's awfully frustrating to have to switch to spotlight or Launchpad to open it when I'm used to opening everything via Alfred.

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