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Remote not support ipv6‏

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I had report this bug by email. But I didn't got a response.



I am using Alfred 3 now.

My mac has a private ipv4 address (e.g. and a public ipv6 address (e.g. 2001:db8::1).

Now I can connect Alfred from my iOS device using ipv4 address.

But I can’t use ipv6 address to connect to Alfred. (I tried using a domain name. I tried setting up a direct connection within Alfred.)


I notice Alfred only listen to the ipv4 address.
It not a bug.
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I had report this bug by email. But I didn't got a response.



Hi there,


I've had a look at our records, and we responded to your email regarding this on the same day as you sent your question.


As we said in the email, Alfred Remote should work with ipv6, but there are a number of things that could stop this from working, such as:


- Routing issues with your ISP

- Internal routing issues

- Port blocking

- Binding to the incorrect network interface on a Mac


After responding to your email last week, I did raise an internal ticket to ensure that everything is still working as expected with ipv6 as well. :)


[Moving thread to Connection Troubleshooting]



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