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Emoji searcher (the best & simplest ever)

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Hello there,


I would like to share my emoji workflow with you:


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1iipjr1qvykphm/Emoji.alfredworkflow?dl=0





Update 2016-09-01:

Release a different version with two more functions

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wipxjgrtec0vwlt/Emoji%20Full.alfredworkflow?dl=0

  • emj: copy emoji character
  • emjimg: copy emoji image
  • emjcode: copy emoji unicode sequence





The difference between this one and any other workflows that also search emoji is that, this one includes all the description and keywords in http://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html for search, make it the easiest to get the emoji you want, you don't need to remember the actual name of the emoji character, just type the word in your mind intuitively. As far as I tried, it's really smooth!


And the making of this workflow is also very simple, it just a List Filter -> Copy to Clipboard , the data filled in List Filter is a csv generated from Emoji One's developer toolkit (download here). The code to generate is also simple (it's Python):

# coding: utf-8

import json
import csv

with open('emoji.json', 'r') as f:
    s = f.read()

emojis = json.loads(s)

toutf8 = lambda x: x.encode('utf8')

with open('emoji.csv', 'wb') as csvf:
    writer = csv.writer(csvf, delimiter=',')
    for i in emojis:
        name = i['name'].split('\n')[0]
            toutf8(u'{} ({})'.format(name.lower(), i['keywords'])),

Whenever new emojis come out in the future, you can get the emoji.json from emojione, run this code, and drag the emoji.csv into this workflow's List Filter.


Hope it helps!

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Thanks, @reorx


Is it possible to add action to copy in clipboard not the emoji code but emoji image? 


@40-02 It is possible, I have implement a new version with the functionality you need, see update in the main post :)


Note the images are copied from Emoji One, you can hack my code to use other versions of emoji image as you like.

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