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Facebook Messege Send

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Hey guys, I'm new here, but I've made a primitive workflow that allows you to invoke a Facebook Message Send by the keyword "fb:" Enter full name, return, Enter message content, return, and it sends the message. It does so through a node js script which parses the strings passed in the workflow variable set, and sends a message accordingly


It's still very primitive, and i borrowed scripts from .


So far, what it can accomplish is send a message to a name you specify (Which it has to be exact). However, if someone helps me integrate this into the Contacts query workflow platform, I think getting accurate names would be a breeze, and there might potentially be a way to set up message notifications using a similar technique. With both of these elements, this would be a TRULY USEFUL workflow. (I've always dreamt of making one of these)


The weakness of the workflow in its current state is that

1) It require you to have node.js and npm

2) You have to store you Facebook credentials in a plain text file.


But I am totally open for suggestions, and I have a Github repo set up so that we can continue to improve on the project.


Here is the Github Repo (I'm trying to get summer internships, so any Github stars would make me look super good to Google :) )


Github Repository for FB Message Sender








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