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Remove Quarantine — Delete the quarantine attribute from app bundles and files


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Hi Vitor, I can't get the V21.2 version of this working with the File Action. For example I select an app, bring up Actions, then select remove quarantine and I end up with the path of the app in the Alfred window:


I select that actions and I get this:



In the debug pane, showing all information I see this:


[13:25:24.672] Logging Started...
[13:25:34.175] RemoveQuarantine[Script Filter] Queuing argument '(null)'
[13:25:34.540] RemoveQuarantine[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished
[13:25:34.543] RemoveQuarantine[Script Filter] <?xml version='1.0'?><items>


The script was sent 'null' which is bizarre as I definitely action the application and it does end up in the Alfred window...

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Re: Plea to community & @vitor


I registered here to ask this question. This workflow has been absolutely invaluable to me, but I want to plea/request for 1 addition. 

When someone uses the keyword "rq", can you (pretty) please add an option for "Remove Quarantine from All" option at the top?  It's not terrible removing quarantine one app at a time, but it would really be useful to have a bulk function.

Thank you!


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Updated to 2023.2.

  • When using rq, query apps from the Spotlight database to show apps in more locations.
  • Show apps without .app suffix.
  • Show subtitle with full app path.
  • New configuration option to ignore signed and notarised apps when searching.
  • Updated to use /bin/zsh --no-rcs
  • Use JSON instead of XML.
  • General code improvements.

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Since 2023.2 this is really slow to list results for me (~6 seconds every time).


It used to be pretty much instant.


It also now lists results that aren't really Mac apps.


Can I limit it to /Applications folder (and its subfolders)?


edit: I spent some time removing quarantine from all search results. now it's quicker, but i'd still like to limit to /Applications

Screen shot 2023-10-15 at 18.46.15.png

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2023.2 has a broader search, as it includes apps everywhere and not just /Applications. But it uses Spotlight’s indexing so that part should be fairly fast. Another change is that it now checks for signing and notarisation if Ignore Notarised is off, which also affects speed.


But limiting to /Applications is perfectly reasonable and a good addition. It is now in 2023.3.

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I just upgraded to Sonoma and this is no longer working for me.


I have it set to only look in /Applications


But it just sits at "Finding qunarantined apps..."

Log says:


[21:53:18.717] Logging Started...
[21:53:19.702] Remove Quarantine[Script Filter] Queuing argument '(null)'

Any ideas?

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Because it’s not returning anything, I’d bet it’s still running. Only show apps in /Applications shouldn’t really affect speed, but Ignore signed and notarised apps will. Do you have that on or off? Also, removing quarantine from apps where it doesn’t matter (they are signed and notarised) will also make it run faster (because it skips the check).

This version writes a verifying_apps.txt file to your Desktop as it’s checking them, so you can tail -f ~/Desktop/verifying_apps.txt in a Terminal to see it as it happens. It may provide a clue.

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