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  1. Any plans to add support for Temp Mail? https://temp-mail.org/en/
  2. Late reply, but I just asked this question again and then remembered I had asked it before... I just set up a File Filter with a single character keyword and scoped to my Projects folder. We'll see how I get on with it.
  3. It's the first time this has ever happened. Happy to ignore.
  4. Features > Clipboard History > Advanced > Auto-paste on return Stopped doing what it should all of a sudden in 5.5 [2257] I restarted Alfred and it started working again. This is a first for me.
  5. This seems really useful. Is there any chance we can add a custom directory? For decades now all my screenshots are sorted into daily folders in my downloads folder. So, I would set it to search Downloads (and sub folders) instead of Desktop.
  6. Here's my parallel version, execution time is 0.58s https://gist.github.com/gingerbeardman/ff346ea8e2704c316682df4f6ea47237
  7. Thanks! rq now takes 1.5 seconds on my machine. I guess a parallelised version might be even quicker? Of course, it's not necessary at this point but perhaps would be a fun exercise to realise an approach that might be able to be applied to other workflows. Cheers
  8. Oh, good catch. I see /opt/homebrew/bin/xattr And I have no idea why I was almost done parallelising and the run time had reduced from 23 seconds to 3.5 seconds
  9. Thanks so much! I think there are some crossed wires in this, so let me summarise: workflow used to be very fast almost instant at some point it has become slow (Sonoma? I came straight from Monterey) I'm using only the option "Only show apps in /Applications" the mdfind part is instant (I mistakenly said mds earlier, sorry) ~1000 apps reported in a fraction of a second the slow part is the xattr call which is taking 0.023 seconds per app on my machine, which for 1000 apps is the ~23 seconds So I'm going to look into parallel-ising the xattr loop.
  10. That works, it took 27 seconds to find 57 of 986 apps. I'm not sure I ever gave the old version that long, as it used to take only a few seconds at most before something changed. Logging grows by ~40 lines per second on my machine, which feels slow. Nothing untoward in there, apps listed are as expected. I notice that when you close the alfred window the mds command keeps running. So if I invoke rq multiple times (for example when I think it's not working, oops) then there will be multiple scans happening at once. Can that be avoided? The mdfind is aspect is pretty much instant, as confirmed on the command line. So the slow bit is the checking? Which is surprising. Maybe the use of osascript for the app_as_json function is slow? [10:56:48.804] Logging Started... [10:56:49.913] Remove Quarantine[Script Filter] Queuing argument '(null)' [10:56:50.440] Remove Quarantine[Script Filter] Queuing argument '(null)' [10:57:15.225] Remove Quarantine[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [10:57:15.232] Remove Quarantine[Script Filter] { "items": [{"title":"prima","subtitle":"/Applications/...
  11. I mean that I only turned on "ignore" after things stopped working, no results shown, to see if it helped. So I turned it off and there are still no results showing. I know for certain I have some apps that should be found.
  12. Sorry I totally missed the notification for this reply. No idea how. I think the above download has expired. I have both "only /Applications" (since you added it for me) and "Ignore signed/notarised" on (since the workflow stopped working). I think maybe it stopped working when I upgraded from Monterey to Sonoma. I skipped Ventura. Nothing showing in debug log of Alfred for the existing version.
  13. Another link with more info on Settings deep URLs https://gist.github.com/dvessel/2b6ad97b2da16d445671b39618221aab
  14. Thanks, that's fine, they have started rising to the top as I've been using them. This is a great source of these deep urls: https://gist.github.com/rmcdongit/f66ff91e0dad78d4d6346a75ded4b751 just in case there are any "missing".
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