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  1. "I'll donate if you put yourself through a world of pain" that's not how this donation thing works. It should be "here's some money to try to persuade you to solve my problem". IMHO I use album search every day, works for me. See my note about missing directories, and the quote below. As I mentioned in my previous post!
  2. A workaround would be to Open in Terminal, then do a quick command atom . to open the workflow folder in your editor. Or opening in Finder and then, maybe, clicking a toolbar icon to open that folder in your editor. But I like your idea of allowing a user-configurable external editor.
  3. Thanks anyway! The old Alfred window was so much more compact, right? Anyway, I upgraded to a new 4K portrait display which is 1080 wide. Close, but not quite enough!
  4. I love this function so much I wanted it everywhere and I eventually found this app (not created by me!) https://defaultbrowser.app you can set valid browsers, and a default, and any link opened will do so in your most recently active browser with your default as fallback.
  5. I use a 20" monitor in portrait mode, 1050 x 1680. The Alfred window is 1180 so does not fit. I don't mind things getting a little more compress if I was able to resize the window to a narrower width. Is it possible the minimum window width can be decreased? Thanks! ps: I tried changing window placement in plist, but Alfred resets it on launch.
  6. That's fine by me. Thanks for your help! Default browser always: Safari Browsers I mostly use: Safari Safari Technology Preview other browsers i have on my system: Chrome Opera
  7. Well, in that case it's not working for me as expected. If a browser is frontmost it opens the URL in that browser. Great! But if another app is front most, then the URL is not opened in any browser at all.
  8. I use different, non-default browsers from time to time, and it's annoying when Alfred opens a page in the default browser when I do not have it open. It would be great if there was an option for current/active browser. Which I guess would be the most recently used browser if multiple are open? Browser may not always be frontmost app.
  9. have Alfred with Powerpack install Workflow look at commands listed in Workflow (artist, album, song, etc) summon Alfred type command from earlier (artist, album, song, etc) Note, this is an old workflow so requires one of the following folders to be present to work. ~/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Data ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data
  10. Here's the icon I am using, I claim no ownership so anybody is free to use it.
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