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  1. Something is wrong if it is taking 30 to 120 seconds for you. For me it generally (depending on the complexity of the query) takes a few seconds, and one of those is a wait before we actually begin the query. That said, things (Apple's server?) never used to be this slow, so I think it's good to have faster options. So I've uploaded 2.3 which defaults to skipping thumbail images. https://www.gingerbeardman.com/alfred/ The keywords for song/album with thumbail images are still there, but renamed as isong and ialbum, for people who wish to us
  2. I've uploaded a new version, 2.2 This uses the modern folder locations for Alfred (not the old Alfred 3 folders) https://www.gingerbeardman.com/alfred/ That should be easier for everybody.
  3. Yes, you're missing folders to store the thumbnail images. See my previous message.
  4. I think the ones failing for you are the ones with thumbnail images. So, please make sure you have the required folders: ~/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/ ~/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Data/ See earlier messages for more about this. It's always good to read the thread
  5. How long are you waiting? Queries take 5 to 15 seconds for me. I've just re-uploaded the version I have here, just in case. If it's not working after re-downloading one more time, then we'll have to debug: view the workflow in Alfred click the bug icon pop up alfred bar and do a query, eg. song hyperballad copy the debug output from main Alfred window to a pastebin/gist paste a link to it here I see this output: https://pastebin.com/raw/yAzL8WRb
  6. That's not my file, that's a modification by somebody else. My original files are here: https://www.gingerbeardman.com/alfred/ I just fixed it before my last message. Also, make sure you search for reasonable terms: song taylor, generates an error somewhere at Apple for whatever reason (invalid resulting data?) song shake it off, returns good results song taylor shake, also good
  7. There was a problem with song, please re-download my 2.1 to fix that. All now work for me.
  8. This issue was resolved by removing some of the URL query parameters, see workflow thread.
  9. Ah, I see @Macchio has already fixed this issue by removing some params from the query. My hosted copy also updated to v2.1 https://www.gingerbeardman.com/alfred/ Cheers!
  10. Very odd, thanks for looking. I've had to stop using this workflow until I can find time to investigate if there's a workaround.
  11. Album search has stopped working for me, not sure why and sadly don't have time to investigate.
  12. As a workaround I can temporarily change the scaling on my monitor. But I need sharp retina @2x for my work, other scaling factors aren't desirable. If your Dell monitor was Retina that would be an ideal resolution. A resizable preference window would be the ideal solution, then users can make the window bigger (to accommodate more complex workflows) or smaller according to their needs/display. I used to fullscreen the app in Alfred 3 days. Woah, I just found a workaround! If I option-click the green maximise button the window width will decrease past
  13. Of course, I use a DELL P2415Q Display, that's 24" with a native resolution of (3840 x 2160). Portrait running at retina resolution (1080 x 1920) That's not scaled or zoomed, just standard plug and play "default for display". This is my main display (I'm a programmer and prefer long windows) I have not found any other apps that do not fit this width, let me know if you want me to test any in particular. As mentioned earlier in this thread, the UI in all previous versions of Alfred was so much more compact than V4. I'm aware that event
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