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Can not create my own workflow

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 I use Alfred V3 to create a blank workflow, but when I right-click , there is no response, no workflow object pop up

i wonder if anybody can help me ! The following is my operating process, I do not know which step is wrong,

 first i click the 2795.pngon the left bottom to create a blank workflow"vocabulary"


then the following picture is  on the right side( please check the attached file}

then i click dark side, there is no response


help me 





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@Krystal When you right-click with the mouse, you'll see this panel appear, allowing you to add workflow objects


Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 12.07.09.png


Alternatively, you can add new workflows with existing template objects by clicking the [+] at the bottom of the left sidebar and choose a template to start from. :)



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